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There are several tools which you can use to spin articles. Most of the article spinner tools use one of the following methods. You should analyze the methods in order to determine the best match for your needs. Many people prefer free manual spinners like Easy Article Spinner, we'll cover that in more detail below.

1) Re-translation: They will take your article, translate it into Spanish, then translate it into Japanese, then translate it back to English. Look at the first paragraph of this articles. Now let's take a look at what it looks like once we apply this "spinning" method.

" There are several tools available that let you spin the story. Spinner tools, most of the articles using any of the following methods. Methods must be analyzed to determine the best match the needs of the customer. Many people, we prefer the simple Furihandosupina Article spinner as described in detail in the following."

You may understand the content because you see the original paragraph, it won't be as easy for the first time reader. As you can see this content is really low quality, in addition to that Search Engines can now recognize it and discard any link juice if you submit this to article directories (which will often reject this kind of quality).

2) Synonym replacements: Those are article spinners which replace single word synonyms. Let's see an example of a single paragraph from such an article: " You can individual the confine of sites you can submit to by penning articles that the directories necessity to share with opposite people. All it takes is one house with a centred grand readers to process your possibleness interview overnight."

No this is not the first paragraph, but you can still see how bad the quality is.

There are advanced synonym replacement tools which replace whole sentences, they're more expensive but worth the cost, this is one example.

3) Manual spinners. Manual free article spinners such as easy article spinner, are the best. This is because you choose your own variations of phrases. Google has no way of picking your brain to find out what the variations are. This means you're completely in control of the quality of your content.





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